Beschreibung: Karina: 'Blood, sweat and tears' [Englisch]

Karina 'Blood, sweat and tears' [Englisch] Karina Bellings, 28 years old, happily married to renowned lawyer Robert Bellings and mother of a two-year-old daughter. She works as a nurse at St. Bernward hospital, in Hamburg, northern Germany. On a dark, rainy day after finishing her last shift a bad accident occurs on her way home. Due to an overtired truck driver, who lost control of his truck, she has a head-on collision. Karina is severely injured and falls into a coma. This accident changes not only the life of Karina and her family but also the life of Walter Becker,the truck driver, burden with guilt and a little daughter, suffering cancer. How can he live on? But after her recovery Karina makes a decision that will have great effects on her family as well as on Walter’s family.

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